Our Mission

The mission of the Altadeña Middle School PTSO is to provide its members with opportunities to achieve excellence in a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment that encourages life-long learning and builds valuable citizens. Fulfilling our mission requires a commitment from students, staff, parents, and community members working together.

Current Board Members

Feel free to reach out to any board member listed below with questions or suggestions. To contact the chair of a specific committee, please visit the volunteer page.


Monica Gellman
email Monica

Vice President
email PTSO President

Jenna Corday
email Jenna

email PTSO President

Shannon Reagan
email Shannon

Financial Secretary
Janelle Medders
email Janelle

Co-Volunteer Coordinators
email PTSO President

Christin Valentini
email Christin


For a PDF file of the current PTSO by-laws, please click here.


How can I donate or contribute my time and/or resources?

Anyone interested in donating time or assistance should contact our Volunteer Coordinator. Committees are always looking for more help! You may also contact any PTSO board member, who will be happy to connect you with the right committee chair. In addition, watch for announcements for other requests for help throughout the year via email, weekly newsletters and on Facebook.

When are PTSO meetings?

General PTSO meetings – which are open to all – are held quarterly. Executive meetings are reserved for board members. Please see the calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

We are proud to follow Robert’s Rules of Order and ask those who join us to honor them as well. General meetings are a great way for parents to learn about new initiatives, budgets, what’s coming up throughout the year, and most importantly, to share ideas!

Why are PTSO fundraisers so important?

The Altadeña Middle School PTSO raises money each year to provide benefits and programs for the students and teachers of our outstanding school. These efforts set us apart from other schools with exceptional, cut-above-the-rest resources that YOU help generate! In addition to assisting with needed supplies or advanced professional education, PTSO funds help enrich regular curriculum in areas such as the library.

Fundraising events vary from year to year and include Step It Up, Book Fairs, and year-round initiatives such as those that donate a portion of participants’ everyday shopping purchases to our school. Contact our Treasurer to learn how to sign up for these easy shopping links.

Who decides how PTSO money will be spent?

Our Annual Budget is proposed by the PTSO Board and approved by the PTSO General Membership. These discussions take place at scheduled PTSO General Meetings. Have thoughts to share? Please join us at a General Meeting, contribute to the discussion and tell us your ideas!

What is involved in working on a PTSO Committee?

The PTSO offers a variety of volunteer committees. Some positions require quite a bit of hands-on involvement, while others take less time and can be done during off-hours like evenings and weekends. Some committees consist of only one or two volunteers; others require more hands on deck. For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator. We promise to be honest about the time involved – we know it’s valuable!